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Everyone undergoes a profound and deeply personal transformation through their spiritual awakening. Every step they take leads to this state.

Every moment on earth, there’s a spiritual awakening unfolding.

Everyone has an identity to serve throughout their lifetime. But it’s not an immediate discovery or one that’s handed to them the moment they’re birthed. Instead, life entails a journey of uncovering who they are and what they’re indeed supposed to be. One of life’s greatest gifts is an identity and consciousness that goes beyond knowing about oneself through likes and dislikes, and the journey to achieve this is filled with exhilaration and confusion.

As the name suggests, this is an awakening that involves an individual’s spirituality. It entails a more profound discovery that delves deeper than on a personal level.

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

This concept has existed for centuries and is something humanity typically expects to experience. People go through deep spiritual and physical connections, leading to this enlightenment. Spiritual awakening is a level of self-awareness that alters how people perceive and experience life. It’s a journey they take to ultimately understand themselves profoundly and how they relate to the world surrounding them.

Some call this “nirvana.” Others simply refer to it as an enlightenment, like an eye-opener, the moment people begin to see the world a little clearer or how they’re supposed to. But regardless of how this journey is perceived, everyone understands how it can be mildly unnerving. As they continue on this journey, not only will they grapple with existential questions, but they will also experience a range of physical manifestations or symptoms.

Triggered by anything, spiritual awakening happens randomly. It can catch people off guard, which makes the transformation quite terrifying. But for most, this journey starts after a significant change or trauma that not only threatens the self but also provides them with a shift in perspective.

How Should People Know They’re Awakening?

As an experience that can be spontaneous or triggered by significant experiences, it can be confusing to note when the journey begins. Spiritual awakening doesn’t just happen overnight, nor does it present itself evidently to everyone. Instead, it’s an added challenge for people to understand that what they’re currently experiencing isn’t an end for themselves. But an awakening for a better life experience.

It can be frightening. People can be at a moment when they feel the most lost than understood or discovered. To help ease the anxiety surrounding the experience, here are some physical manifestations to look out for.

Emotional Vulnerability

A heightened emotional vulnerability can be associated with a heightened spiritual experience. While not every sensitive person is promised a spiritual awakening, it’s best to observe this phase closely.

If people find themselves bursting into tears more often than they used to, this can be an excellent sign that they must be starting their journey. Emotional vulnerability opens people to absolute and unconditional love and appreciation, not only for what they’re experiencing but also for themselves. The crying or happiness should come with the realization that they’re graced and blessed, a humble resolve that their existence may be out of their control and everything happens in their favor.

Vivid Dreams

Spiritual awakening doesn’t only make life more vivid. It doesn’t only open people to a newer and better perspective of their waking lives. But it will also influence their sleeping moments through their dreams. On the journey of enlightenment, people will begin to have clearer and seemingly “real” dreams. This is because these visions will likewise start to be connected to their journey, each having meaning they can and should apply to their realities.

Sleep and spirituality also go hand in hand, as it’s during sleeping moments that people start their transformation. When they dream, people may also begin to feel intense feelings, like they’re in the actual experience of their dreams.

Synchronicities and Déjà vu

These experiences are a significant factor in enlightenment. If people begin having mind-blowing synchronicities as though the universe is listening closely, it’s a sign that they’re on their spiritual path. They may also start seeing angel numbers more often or have situations that feel more familiar as they’re experiencing them. This means they’re aligning with the universe and are on their course to finding their purpose and self-identity.

Change in Relationships

As people learn to understand themselves more profoundly, they reevaluate their relationships and connections. This means people’s roles in their lives will also begin to shift. They will know that not everyone will have a purpose in life, and not everyone will appreciate what they do. Hence, the more they experience spiritual awakening, the more they will have a smaller but more valuable circle in their lives.

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