In Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone, Brenda Gatliff shares profound spiritual encounters, defying understanding and offering a glimpse beyond our world. Her tales transport readers to ethereal realms where the physical and spiritual blend. Divine interventions and synchronicities reveal an unseen force guiding us all.

Gatliff’s narratives evoke spiritual connection and purpose. Her vivid descriptions awaken profound emotions, reassuring us that a divine presence orchestrates our lives. This book goes beyond storytelling—it challenges our perception of reality and the vastness of the universe.

Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone inspires, uplifts, and transforms. It explores faith, resilience, and mysteries beyond awareness. Embark on a captivating journey, igniting imagination and deepening understanding of our interconnectedness.


1. Page 11, “Vision of Don’s Accident”: Then through mental telepathy, my father spoke to me and said, “You don’t understand, I haven’t come to take him, I have come to save him”

2. Page 15 & 16, “Small Vision of the Other Side”: I told him I did not understand, and he said, “I’ve come to show you a little bit of where I have been.” He reached out, opened a big portal in the air with both hands and instructed me to come with him and step through this Hugh hole into what he told me was the other side.

3. Page 23, “You Gotta Lean Into The Curves of Life”: Donnie suddenly pulled over on the side of the road, got off and said “we are coming up on some curves ahead and you must remember that just like in life, you have to lean into the curves, don’t fight them, just go with them. When you encounter a problem or an obstacle, just face it. Everything will straighten out in the end just fine.”

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WAIT... What just happened

So many times I’ve heard that small still voice in my spirit and heart with a message from a voice of a loved one or friend that has passed on or an Angel. They always let me know if that they are okay, at peace or happy. Sometimes they appear as a person but are actually and Angel with a message for me. Sometimes an elderly woman on a walker with a message for me, assuring me that everything I’ve been worried about will be okay. Sometimes it’s an intervention from someone praying for me to protect and keep me safe. There is just so much more to this life than we can see with our eyes. Miracles, answered prayers and visits from our angels.

wait.. what happened

WAIT... If you can't laugh at Yourself

Brenda Gatliff offers a truly distinctive perspective on existence. Through her written words, she unfolds a tapestry of her unique visions, dreams, and encounters with entities she believes to be angels. Embracing the enigmatic and the mystical has always been second nature to her, and these extraordinary experiences have profoundly influenced her outlook on life. They have driven her to become a better person, championing the values of kindness, respect, and extending a helping hand to others.

In this captivating literary work, Brenda graciously presents a collection of heartwarming and often delightfully humorous anecdotes that are bound to resonate deep within your soul. Her narratives will prompt you to contemplate the mysteries that permeate our existence. From the comical mix-ups, like confusing a trash can for a person, to the heartwarming encounters in a cemetery, Brenda’s life journey unfolds as a rollercoaster of touching moments and entertaining mishaps.

Embark on a journey that unveils Brenda’s profound dedication to family, the invaluable wisdom drawn from the tapestry of everyday life, and the profound link to the spiritual domain. As you accompany her through the process of cracking a hit-and-run mystery, delving into the concealed existence of a garden tin man, and gracefully navigating the labyrinth of workplace miscommunications, these narratives are sure to leave you with a heartwarming smile and a fresh perspective on the idiosyncrasies of life.

wait if you cant laugh yourselg
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