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Brenda Gatliff’s vision in her book Wait… The Reality is that We Are Never Alone provides a journey and guide that leads the author to a safer side of life. 

Brenda Gatliff’s Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone is a spiritual book that tackles the author’s encounters and beliefs with guiding entities and visions. The author shares her accounts and experiences of keeping herself and her family’s sake safe from harm’s way. She believes that God sends her visions of what’s going to happen, letting her know what to do and what to expect.

Brenda Gatliff brings her audience to a personal story of loss, visions of the afterlife, spirit guides, and life challenges. The readers can expect a rollercoaster ride that should bring them to realizations and reflections on life, love, and faith.

The Author’s Spiritual Visions

Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone shares how Brenda navigates life through her visions. Brenda Gatliff’s vision helps her see through the events taking place. One of her first visions is the image of the afterlife. She believes God let her see the afterlife to keep her faith strong as she is about to undergo a painful trajectory of life, such as losing a loved one.

Spiritual Connections

The book tackles the spiritual connections of Brenda Gatliff’s visions. After her father’s death, Brenda experiences a front-row seat of visions that takes her to a spiritual world. She sees creatures and people in an eerie environment and beautiful sceneries and transitions from fair weather to a terrible and scary atmosphere. These visions help her understand what is about to happen in the real world.

This book also talks about a guardian angel who assists Brenda in her life trajectory. Her visions as well as the guardian angel named Isabella help her stay safe and secure from the apparent dangers and bad omens in her way.

Perception to Reality

Brenda Gatliff’s book does not only tell her life story. It also helps one deal with the perception of reality. Through Brenda Gatliff’s visions, readers can learn more about the connection of the spiritual world to the real world and how spiritual guides send signs to the living. The book helps its readers see the world from a perspective when life becomes more difficult when challenges are in the way.

Uncovering the Mystery

The author’s experiences uncover some mysteries of life and spirituality. Some people might still not believe in the ethereal realms, but Brenda Gatliff’s visions in the book may help those who are seeking meaning from the different signs people can perceive in the real world. Life is still full of mysteries that reach into the spiritual realm.

Transformative Impact

Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone is a spiritual book with a transformative impact on its readers. It may tell the story of the author’s experiences with life, but it also guides its readers to see life as a page to look into. The book conveys a message of faith. It reminds the readers that we are not alone in this plane of existence. Spiritual guides, guardian angels, and our loved ones have always been there to help us with our life challenges. We just have to pay attention to what’s around us as we navigate the winding pathway of our trajectories.

The Takeaway

This book’s main takeaway is that people are never alone in their lives. Their faith helps them get a connection with God and their departed loved ones. Even if the readers do not believe in the afterlife, they can still get a lesson that mysteries of life may be uncovered through different signs that are already available for them to discover and utilize.


If you want to learn more about Brenda Gatliff’s visions and experiences, you can grab a copy of Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Brenda Gatliff is a believer in personal growth and the power of unseen forces. Her encounters with angels inspired her to be a kind and faithful person. She wants to convey her message of faith to her readers to let them experience a good life with God.

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